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In any case, just wanted everyone to know that the domain name itself has been moved to a host server in order to begin the process of updating and upgrading this blog. Please bear with me as I get through this. Just remember to use the blogspot url to get here in the meantime!


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What is up with these Anarchists, anway?

Wow, my first guest post, ever. Thanks BoBo, this is different. I’m used to hosting conservatives on my site, not the other way around!

I’d like to let you in on my secret for consistent Anarchist rantings. I drink a lot of coffee, then I listen to Micheal Savage or drop in on pacifists when they post about how bad it is to be mean or some other such nonsense. There is nothing like blogging while hopped up caffeine and irritation, it’s that masochism that keeps me going. But enough about my sex life…

I can already hear the questions…Anarchy? What the hell? And what does Anok mean anyway?

Anok is loosely translated to mean “Without Master”. Meaning that we, as individuals being of sound mind do not need masters in our lives telling us what to do, how to do it, and whom to do it with. We are perfectly capable of making these decisions on our own, and we don’t need a government or religious appointed nanny to help us out. In many ways, this is a similar ideology that many (true or classic) Conservatives have, at least with regards to limited government.

But politically speaking, Anarchists are actually apolitical. Not that we aren’t political, because many of us do become so, but that our “political beliefs” are off the political barometer. We are neither left nor right, nor moderate. Generally speaking this is because we have no use for any government, also referred to as the “State”, as a whole. We oppose government, in general. So it’s hard to be political when you don’t support (government) politics.

And yet we are, because the world is political, and thus we are too.

Many Anarchists are little bit Right, a little bit Left, a little bit Independent, a little bit Green and a whole lot of Attitude. I personally just stick with the attitude. That said, I have blogged extensively on the finer details of the various ideologies of Anarchism, activism, movements, theories, ideals, etc but I would like to keep my post on BoBo’s blog brief. I’m brevity challenged as it is, and getting into all of that could take days, if not years. Feel free to poke around however.

I think I’ll just talk about some general ideas, for a moment. Personally speaking I see no need for man made laws, I loathe Capitalism, and feel that all governments are corrupt. I only have respect for those who earn it, meaning a political position or economic position of power means approximately zip to me, unless the person in it has done something worthy of respect.

I firmly believe and support the idea of self sufficiency, personal responsibility, and self defense. It takes a lot of work to be an Anarchist. We are not lazy buggers. (OK, maybe a couple are, but they’re posers anyway), not Hippies, not Pacifists, and yes, I bathe. Many of us are trying to operate in a world that supports ideologies and lifestyles that we do not, or cannot support ethically speaking. There are various ways of going about this, and you can ask me, but I’m keeping it general.


“So what do you mean you’re an Anarchist, why does your blog talk about US politics so much?”

The short and sweet answer is, because I may be an Anarchist, but I still live under a government. Ergo, I talk and debate and discuss the world I live in, not the world I dream of. My observations of US and Global politics is, of course seen through an “Anarchy filter”. They are on sale now at Hot Topic! No, but seriously, I do the best I can to take my experiences, my opinions, and my observations and apply them to real life situations (in politics) and attempt to change other’s perceptions by suggesting Anarchist alternatives.

I challenge the status quo, as it were.

There is something else that needs to be defined here, however. Anarchy does not mean “chaos”. Anomie means chaos, Anarchy is simply an ideology that opposes the State or any oppressive structure that controls and dictates our actions. It also does not mean we can do as we please. There is something called natural law that every living thing must adhere to. Many Anarchists also recognize legitimate authority, even if on a temporary basis. Legitimate authority can be interpreted differently, by different people, however I feel that it is any authority that works collaboratively with, is intrinsically tied to and part of, a collective group on a small scale and uses that authority to further the survival of said group. This authority is typically rooted in natural law and common sense, and isn’t at all arbitrary.

I also have respect for Leaders as opposed to people in positions of Power. The difference being that Leaders do not seek to possess power, and use their skills to enhance the society, or group by teaching the group how to accomplish whatever task the Leader is leading. Essentially a Leader is a teacher, who is part of the group, rather than a strict Authority whose power was bestowed to him or her.

Parents are Leaders, with legitimate authority over their children. Royalty, the Super Wealthy, Presidents, and Elitists are not Leaders. They are, in my book, Power Whores.

Pffft. All you Anarchists are the same!

Well….There are several fractal groups of Anarchists that divide themselves up over specific ideologies. Anarcho-Syndicalists, Anarcho-Communists, Anarcho-Capitalists, Anarcho-Tribalists and so on and so forth. If I were to belong to any of the groups, it would be the last – an Anarcho-Tribalist. I believe in the Tribe, that is to say your group, be it family, friends, neighborhoods whathaveyou. I believe that by bringing self regulation back down to proper proportions, and forcing those who claim any Leadership whatsoever to live among those they plan on leading and work cooperatively with the whole tribe, you create a state of living that relies on natural law, and legitimate law and have no further need for man made or arbitrary laws.

In any case, many Anarchists do, or will occasionally side or sympathize with hard leftists, such as Socialists and Communists. But there is an inherent flaw to that strategy, in the fact that no matter what kind of government takes place of the old one, an Anarchist will always be a threat. Essentially, Anarchists and the Left are rather strange, and violent bedfellows. It’s exciting for a while, but the spark goes away when the Leftsts no longer want to play.

Oh will you please shut up already?!

Alright, alright, I’ll leave you with this thought. The next time you choose to do something, I want you to think about the governmental system you live under for a moment. Ask yourself if, when you choose an action, do you really choose the appropriate consequence? Do you actually have control over what happens to you? In an Anarchist world, your actions dictate your consequences naturally. If I choose to smoke pot alone in my home I am also choosing to cause possible brain damage, possible cancer, and eating too much junk food and getting fat. These are the natural consequences of that specific action. But under a government, that has arbitrarily made pot smoking illegal, I not only get the natural consequences of my actions, but I get possible jail time too.

And tell me, is making a person into a criminal in society’s eyes because they are fat, diseased and stupid an actual consequence of choice? What purpose, if any does that serve? (For the record I don’t smoke pot, but you can use the same equation for a great many of our laws).

For your reading enjoyment, when you have a spare decade, these posts address some of the topics I touched on tonight in greater detail:

Why governments don’t work
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Your vote is your voice
Unmistakenly Lawless
The Pansification of our World
Fair trade, for real.

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Coming Soon!

Hi All – just wanted to let you all know that I will be moving to a new place soon. I have my own domain http://www.thebobofiles.com – many of you probably have been accessing this site using that domain. However, it is currently on a “redirect.”

Holly has graciously agreed to host my new site and it will be a wordpress design and layout. I will be updating my DNS to use my domain only and it will not be tied to this blogspot.com domain. Once we have the new place up and running…I will be placing a “Redirect” page up here to let everyone know to use the domain exclusively and to change your bookmarks (for those of you that have actually bookmarked the page).

For those of you who receive this either as an e-mail subscription or as a feed item – since everything is actually through Feedburner right now…I’m not sure how that will affect you guys. You may or may not have to resubscribe – but – we’ll see. In the meantime, I will keep you guys up to date as we progress. I’m getting really excited about my new place already! The only downside to this is losing all the rankings I’ve achieved so far under this URL. I’ll just have to rebuild I guess to include backtracking to all the blogs that have linked to me and asking them to change the url address. Oh what a headache this could turn out to be – but – all in the name of trying to be a legitimate blogger – even though I am a clown! LOL

Wish me luck!

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Check This Out!

If you all remember, I had mentioned that I was contemplating doing a redesign of this site and that I was commissioning Holly Ord from Menstrual Poetry to do it. She was also one of our guest bloggers over here. Anyway, she has completed a new logo for me. Personally, I think this looks great. Based on this design, I’m getting excited about what she will do for the whole site! Here it is…I’ve also added a poll. Either vote in the poll or leave a comment. What do you think so far?

Click the link to take you out to The BoBo Logo Poll and vote!

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A Tale of Two Clowns

Okay, so here we were, me and my buddy Pennywise over there, after a long hard and arduous day at Evil Conservative Clown College. We were bone tire, grease paint smeared, BoBo noses and goofy clown hair all disheveled from our grueling evil conservative clown exercises. Man, Prof Jingles is a freakin’ slave-driver!

He had us doing all kinds of shit like profit-taking; digging our way out of global warmongering propaganda; pushing down taxes; exercising our 2nd Amendment rights by continuously breakin ’em down, hookin ’em up, then locking and loading our Glocks – over and over and over again before we were allowed to take target practice on Islamofascist silhouettes. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that he was personally responsible for the welfare cuts! Damned!

Anyway, we were both just plain dog tired, thirsty, sweaty, and just wanted to get the hell outta there. So, we hop in the ol’ BoBo-Mobile to get us some suds at the local brew-house. It’s only about a couple miles from the Evil Conservative Clown College – so – we figure – what the hell – let’s floor this thing and live dangerously! Pennywise sticks his head out the window as we’re flying down the Interstate doing about 15mph! If you’ve never seen a clown stick his head out of a window of a clown car as they’re speeding down a highway at break-neck speed – you haven’t seen anything! OMFG! I thought Pennywise was gonna shit a bucket of confetti!

Now – I’ve got the pedal to the metal – we’re flying past all the pink flamingos in the ponds (could barely make them out we were going so fast) when all of a sudden, some asshole comes flying up behind us – gets the nose of his car right up on my BoBo-Bumper and lays on the horn! Well – me not to mince words – I give him the patented BoBo Finger out my window.

Not to be outdone – ol Pennywise pulls his head in, flips around, undoes all the big fuzzy clown buttons from his costume, removes the oversized clown gloves, and then sticks his lilly-white clown ass out of the window! That clown just cracks me up! Get it..”cracks” me up? Uhh…okay…evil clown humor. Anyway, the Florida love-bugs start smacking his ass – you can hear them hitting – thwap thwap thwap! But, this asshole behind us just continues laying on his horn! So, Pennywise just continues to shine that big ol’ moon of his out of the window. Just as Pennywise could hardly stand the bugs smacking his crack any longer – the dipshit behind us decides to pull along the side and pass.

It was right about that time as that freakin’ sonuvafemaledogloving asshole was sidling up along the passenger side of the car when Pennywise got the urge – I could see it in his face – eye’s bulging – getting bloodshot – grunting – hmmpph hmmmph –

All over the side of this guy’s car! And – what made it worse was this ass-hat had his window rolled down and was yelling all kinds of profanity that no clown should ever experience! Needless to say, he shut his mouth REAL quick after Pennywise got that last loaf-pinch in there! The driver of that other car was not looking real happy at this point in time! I thought clowns were supposed to make people laugh?!?!?! Bwahahahaha.

So – this guy speeds up, swerves in front of us, and immediately hits his breaks! HOLY SHIT! I could barely slow the BoBo-Mobile down and we almost tapped his back end there. As I sat there, a bit stunned, I saw them! All over the back end of his car. Then it all made sense:

Freakin’ Obamarama Kool-aid drinking racist terrorist loving asshole! Now my BoBo dander was really up! Pennywise threw his costume back on in a hurry – slid the coveralls back up over his lilly-white ass, fastened all the fuzzy buttons, put his over-sized clown gloves back on, and we proceeded to get out of the car to give this asswipe a piece of our minds (well, actually, it was meringue pies, but who really cares about semantics here anyway?). I got out on my side, Pennywise got out on his side – then – it started happening. I forgot – it was the BoBo-Mobile. All my friends started coming out of trunk:

Simple Simon – The Pie Man

Sausagehead – (This guy is really whack!)

Lionel – (He once bit the head off of a rubber ducky)

And they just kept piling on out. I can’t possibly list them all here – I’d run out of bandwith! There must have been about 20 clowns pop out of my car~ You should have seen the look on the marxist bastard’s face! Well, this guy was like most typical liberals – he started getting all bad ass at first calling us retards, idiots, clowns (Duh!), and mostly tried to say something about our intellect or lack thereof – I don’t know – I didn’t get it – perhaps it just was above me!

In any case, when push came to push, we started hitting him with everything we got – confetting, silly string, water, pies – you name it. He fell to his knees and just started bawling like a baby begging us to stop! Starting saying things about being a pacifist and lets make peace not war. He didn’t really mean any of those things he said as he passed by us. Started offering us carbon-credits! Like, what the freak do we need those for? It’s not like they’re really worth anything! My BoBo-Mobile runs on pure Eco-friendly Hydroflourocarbons and gets like 5 miles to the gallon. Why would I need carbon-credits? Who the hell would take them and for what?

So – Pennywise kicked the asshat in the head with his big soft clown shoes (Ever heard the funny squeaky noise when a clown shoe hits the forehead of a liberal ass-hat?) Actually, I wasn’t sure if it was Penny’s shoes or the libtard that was squeaking! In any case, we all turned around, piled back into the BoBo-Mobile and left that crying weasly wimp laying in a pile of clown confection. He was saying something about being sorry and that he would plant a tree in our honor?!?!? WTF? Oh well, at least we’ll have something else to piss on!

Despite all our troubles, those suds sure as hell tasted much better after that!

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Memorial Day!

Well, today is Memorial Day. How many times will you hear Happy Memorial Day today? It just seems customary for everyone to automatically say Happy (insert holiday here). But, do you think those people who say that to you today really mean it?

Is today really a happy day? Afterall, what exactly is Memorial Day? Today is a day where we honor our fallen heroes. Today is the day where we remember those who have died during the course of active military service and gave their life in sacrifice for yours, your parents, your grandparents, and for future generations to come.

These great people died in the course of war defending freedom and democracy, not just for America, but for all those who are oppressed in other countries as well.

So, is today a happy day? Should we be telling everyone “Happy” Memorial Day today? Today is more than just another day off from the office. Today is more than just barbecue’s and spending time with friends and family. Make sure you take time today to remember our soldiers in an honorable manner. Afterall, they died for all of us. Regardless of whether you are an anti-war protestor, the fact of the matter is that all of these soldiers died for your freedom as well and for your right to protest them and their mission. Pay tribute to them in an honorable and just manner. Visit your local cemetary and locate the headstone of a veteran and pay tribute to him or her. Go to a memorial day parade and just honor the memories as the survivors pass by in the parade. Or, if you don’t really want to do that, visit a website like the one where I found this image – The American Walk. This is a site dedicated to the memory of those who have fought and died for our freedoms.

Yes, today actually is a happy day. Today, in addition to honoring the memory of our fallen soldiers, we also celebrate our freedom, the freedom they paid the ultimate price for.

Happy Memorial Day
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Man-Hating, Hairy-Legged, Bra-Burning and Other Feminist Stereotypes

Warning: This is a guest post. I would first like to thank BoBo for handing his blog over today and giving me the opportunity to bring a little feminism on over to The BoBo Files.

Now on with the show…

Upon meeting new people or even speaking with acquaintances who don’t know me very well, I always tend to say something that causes a raised eyebrow, a sigh and a “You’re a…FEMINIST!?” response. I then notice slight cringing and shifty eyes.

Some women who identify as a feminist found feminism through a friend, a book, trying to get emergency contraception over the counter and walking away dumbfounded when a conservative pharmacist refused to give them what they were paying for based on personal morals. I, however, was always a feminist. I was a feminist before I knew the term feminism existed and just knew what I believed–That being that all women deserve full control over their own bodies, deserve equal pay for equal work and must be seen as well as heard–And anything less is unacceptable. As I learn more and more about feminism, I know it’s going to be a part of me throughout my life, no matter how many other waves the media tries to give it in hopes of splitting up a unified group of people that all agree on one thing–That human rights also ironically enough, includes women’s rights.

Of course my feminist alter ego cannot be seen by the naked, “normal people” eye and of course, they also don’t know about my superhuman feminist super powers. But am I a good guy (or woman) or am I a villain on a path of destruction to convert all fertile women to my side and escort them personally to the nearest abortion clinic?

When it comes to stereotypes, feminism has quite an impressive list to show for itself. The Guerilla Girls wrote an entire book on female stereotypes and as time goes on, people are just finding new and interesting words to refer to women as, and here’s a hint: It’s never “equal.”

As soon as someone digests the word “feminist” without knowing much about the word itself or the history behind it, they tend to most often think of historical stereotypes that frankly, do not apply in most cases anymore. You’ve probably spoken to a number of feminists in your lifetime and never even knew it because unlike what most people tend to think, you cannot see the leg hair poking out from beneath our pantsuits.

If you happened to stroll on by Washington during a March for Women’s Lives, you would most definitely not see a bunch of lesbian women with their heads shaved with pitchforks and torches with men hanging by their balls from giant crucifixes crafted into female symbols with burning white cotton bras surrounding them as they chant about finally bringing the male population to a standstill and conversing happily about world domination.

By being a feminist, it means that you care for the wellbeing and for the rights of all women, as well as for all men, since I also noted earlier that feminism is indeed about human rights. If men were oh, I don’t know, still making as much as 30% less than women in a society that claims to be gender equal, the women population who felt that this was unfair to men would most definitely be speaking up; which is precisely what has happened with a percentage of the male population who identify as a feminist.

To identify as a feminist, you do not need to be female. In fact, I know (and read the blogs of and love) male feminists. To identify as a feminist, you simply must feel it in the core of your being that women no longer deserve to be treated any less than how men are treated and as it has been seen during the Democratic presidential primary, misogyny and sexism are not lost on the American public.

Hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two from this post, and if not, I write about this stuff a lot so head on over to Menstrual Poetry and check out some other posts on feminism, current events, politics, the presidential candidates, the war in Iraq and more!

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