Save our Children! Boycott 20/20 and Disney

Do you remember that article I referenced from the Tampa Pirate a few weeks ago that I titled Adults Having Sex With Children is Okay?

Well there’s a lot more going on! Check it out over here at Tampa Pirate. They’ve organized a boycott/protest along with a petition signing effort. You can get the image that I have on the left side there and place it on your site.

You have to see this to believe it! It was bad enough that John Stossel was supporting a pedophile pervert..but, we have Disney involved as well! Make sure to go to the Tampa Pirate’s home page also to see the video follow-up..then get your image and sign the petition.


Adults having sex with children is A-Okay!

“It is sad and pathetic that protecting our children is something that gets you demonized and having sex with a minor gets you deionized.”

That’s just the start of it. Check it out over at Tampa Pirate. Apparently, there was a special on 20/20 this evening about changing the age of consent for having sex with minors.

Mark is right on the mark with his take on this whole thing!

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