Do I have a treat for you!!!

My guest liberal blogger this Friday is none other than Durano from The Spitting Vessel. If you haven’t been to his blog yet, go check him out. I have had several discussions on his blog that I just absolutely had to disagree with him on everything he said. And then there have been times where he made absolute sense! I really like this guy’s blog and I’m sure you will too.

It’s a great please to welcome him this coming Friday. Make sure you guys all come back here and see what he has to say. I’m sure it’s going to be good.
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So…we should just let them cut off our heads?!?

I don’t know if anyone has been following the comments under the previous discussion, but, we have a commenter, SpliceandDice, who turned our discussion away from the Reverend Wright and Obama to the war on terrorism in America. Somehow, these guys always manage to turn everything back around to being about the war!

You can go check out his blog at Splice and Dice. His is a blog about politics in the Philippines. According to his blog he has an undergraduate degree in philosophy. Based on his comments we have very philosophical differences regarding terrorism, the war on terrorism, war in general, and America. Rather than continue that discussion under the comments, I figured I would move it up here for public consumption and for everyone to get a chance to chime in.

Essentially, he is a pacifist. From what I gather, he believes there is no justification for war. With regards to the American response to 9/11 he has this to say:

“You don’t right a ‘wrong’ with another ‘wrong’. You don’t solve the mass murders with more mass murders.”

The problem with this statement, in my view, is that it is a matter of perspective. While it was definitely wrong for those Islamofascists to attack and kill thousands of innocent American lives simply because we are “Infidels” and non-believers and followers of a pedophile prophet, I think the American response was right. We were right to declare our war on terror, we are right to defend ourselves, and we are right to hunt them down wherever they hide, including other terror sponsoring nations. In order for him to consider our response as a “mass murder” one would have to take the position that the terrorists were right for attacking us in the first place. I don’t see how you can argue that any other way. But, I’m sure he will be able to find a way! He lives in the world of grey, whereas I see things mostly as black or white, good or evil, etc. Whether he likes it or not, there are absolutes.

When your ass is up against a wall, either you fight back or get your ass kicked. You do or you don’t. You can’t always talk your way out of every fight. Sometimes you just need to punch the bully in the nose to get him to leave you alone. In this case, the bullies ARE the Islamofascists who put America’s back up against the wall when the cowards took over our airlines and slammed them in to the towers and the pentagon killing thousands of innocent lives. Had we just backed down and decided to try to talk to these pedophile prophet pushers there would have been more attacks on American soil and probably hundreds of thousands of lives lost. These guys don’t know how to talk. The only thing they understand is cold steel and hot metal.

His other basic position is that America, collectively, is a warmongering nation, and as with other liberals, he throws Bush into the mix. When I posited that if he is against the war on terror then he must be for the terrorists, his typical response is that just because he is against the war on terror he is not for the terrorists. I don’t see how you can be otherwise. By denouncing the war on terror, that is saying that it is okay for the terrorists to get away with beheading people for being “Infidels.” If we don’t keep up the war on terror, then just how do you think we should get the terrorists to stop? By talking to them? You are quite naive to think they want to talk to us. Perhaps you need to go back and read this post here: Is Peace in the Middle East Possible? The terrorists have made it clear. They don’t want to talk to us, they want to kill us!

He further stated that the “American war on terror” is a war against nations. First – this is a GLOBAL war on terror. The Islamofascists want to take over the ENTIRE world, not just kill Americans and take over America. America is NOT the only country involved in this war. We just happen to be the ones who finally took a stance and asked our allies to grow some balls and stand up for themselves as well.

Anyway, I could go on and on just reciting everything he already stated. Just so that it doesn’t appear that I am taking his discussions out of context, I suggest you read all the comments in the previous post to see exactly what he said. Sometimes you just need to kick someone’s ass to get them to stop hitting you! In other words, while it may seem contradictory, sometimes to achieve peace, there has to be war.

UPDATE! For some reason, Splice and Dice is keeping all of his comments in the previous discussion. Hopefully, he’ll move some of that over here. You have to read this in response to one of Bradley’s responses to him. This guy really does hate America!

Here’s what Bradley said: “We are not a threat. Because we have the most power (due to WW1, WW2, and all through the 1900’s), some people see us as the plicemen of the world.”

This is Splice’s response: Yeah, go tell that to the Vietnamese, to the Chinese. Americans policing everything else in this world. Sounds like autocracy. Or auto’crazy’. You say your nation is not a threat. Ah, of course you’re not a threat because you have thousands of nukes in your backyard, and you only want your nation together with your allies to harbor those weapons of mass destructions only for your selves. How can that be a threat? Right? Right?


The reason you engaged Iraq into war is because of ‘suspected’ (which up to now remains that way, nothing but ‘suspected’) of having weapons of mass destruction when ALL ALONG YOUR NATION HAS THOUSANDS OF THEM.

And now you’re telling me that “some people” see your nation as “the policemen of the world”? Did the rest of the world tell your nation to police everybody else’s backyard? Or was it merely self-perception? Ha.

You see, not even the United Nations can stop your nation from committing mass murders of other civilians through war abroad. And the fact that the United Nations is against the war being waged by your nation would still tell you that you’re the “policemen of the world”? Cut the hallucinations. Wake your senses back to life.

If you think you can put a stop to terrorism by turning this world into a battlefield, if you think that the way to right a wrong is to do more wrong, if you think that the way to resolve harms is to do more harm, if you think your nation is not a threat to others while your nation is amassing nukes in swollen volumes, what can I say? Somebody truly is worse than Hitler.

So, now America is on the same field as Hitler? Wow ~ this guy must be a charter member of as well.

Liberals limiting the Constitutional right to Free Speech?

Big h/t to W.W. over at Vulcan’s Hammer for alerting me to this story. Do you want proof that Liberals are only for the Freedom of Speech as long as it is only their speech? I’m sure you are all aware of, or at least remember, the story this past winter where the Berkeley City Council tried to shut down the Marine Recruiting center? You may also recall that due to the backlash, they decided to allow the recruiting center to stay, but gave a permit to those assholes over at Code Pink to set up shop outside the recruiting center and protest all day long!

Well, it looks like the Berkeley College Republicans are attempting to mount a counter protest! Let’s hope they are successful! Apparently, according to this article, they have submitted a request to the Berkeley City Council to get a permit “for sound waiver permits and a parking spot reservation outside the center on Wednesdays from 12 to 4 p.m., the same time Code Pink protests outside the center.”

So..what has the city council said regarding this request?

Councilmember Dona Spring said many organizations approach the council to get permits, but the council gets to make the final decision.

“They have every right to apply for it, but the City Council has every right to grant it or not grant it,” she said.

Sounds like a set-up or prelude to a denial right there! But, there’s a little hitch right now. Apparently, our college friends couldn’t get organized properly so they haven’t exactly filed the request just yet. Instead, they are sending a petition around to get Code Pink removed from the premises and place a 1 mile ban around the Marine Recruiting Center because the protestors are hurting business in general.

Well, I can tell you right now, unless the surrounding businesses make this request themselves, the College Republicans have no ground to stand on with their petition. They are not hurt by the protestors. The businesses who are harmed by the protestors (no, not physically, but financially) are the only ones who have standing in a court of law. So, to my College Republican friends, you might want to get back into the classroom and take a basic law class or government class. Your petition is going to fail.

You were on the right track with the permit request. Organize yourselves again and push that permit through. Let’s see how the city council reacts to it. Let’s hope that they grant your request. If they don’t grant your request, lets hope we can get the media involved again to whip the country into a fervor again and have the entire nation come down on Berkeley again!!!

In pushing for the petition, the campus representative had this to say:

If the City Council does not grant them a permit, the Berkeley College Republicans will circulate another petition that calls for the re-evaluation of Code Pink’s permits, Wagner said.

Okay, seriously…you need to stop with this petition stuff. It isn’t going to work. A petition will not get the city council to overturn a permit denial. What you need to do if they deny your petition is to get on the national airwaves at FoxNews, FoxRadio, and all the Conservative Talk Show hosts and state your case! Get the nation on board with you. Here’s what the city council rep said to your statement:

“I think it’s a crock, and I don’t think they’re going to get far with that,” she said. ” … They’re just barking up a dead tree.”

I hope you College Republicans have the fortitude to see this through…it looks like your petition will be dead on arrival! You have a good fight on your hands…get the rest of us involved!

UPDATE! Apparently, Michelle Malkin also picked up on this story..check out what she has to say as well!

Why are they still supporting Obama?

I have a theory – despite the fact that many Obama supporters now know exactly who the man is (a racist, a terrorist sympathizer, an elitist, a socialist, and a marxist) with a known social circle consisting of a racist pastor, an unrepentant terrorist, a racist activist, and a financial crook, they continue to give him a pass and support him with their time and money. Why do they do it? Because their egos won’t let them.

These people jumped on the bandwagon early on. They became so invested in him before everything was known about him that they can’t stop supporting him for fear that people who have been saying..”look at this, look at that, look over here,” will now say…”See, I told you so!”

As long as they continue to support Obama with everything they have, they don’t have to worry about people saying “I told you so!” They won’t listen to it. They will just deflect it with rhetoric like, “But, he’s for change.” “He wants health coverage for everyone.” “He’s not a Washington insider.” BLAH BLAH BLAH, BLADITY BLAH!

It is inconceivable that any true American in this country who wants peace of any sort or who wants to see some real bipartisan change in Washington could possibly continue to support this man knowing he has racist views. Knowing he and his wife hate this country. Knowing that he and his wife are friends with a known radical bomber. Knowing that he associates himself with the likes of Farookun. Knowing that he wants to steal from the rich and give it to the poor. Knowing that he is involved in a crooked land deal with a crooked business man currently on trial. Knowing that he wants to sit down with terrorist regimes to “negotiate” whereby legitimizing their terrorist causes. This guy makes the Clintons look like shoplifters.

So..why do they continue to support Obama knowing all this? Because their ego’s are stronger than their logic. They’ve already vested so much into this flake that if they backtrack and decide to not support them any longer, they would look like idiots. The problem is…they look like even bigger idiots for continuing to support this asshole!

The Enemy Has Breached the Gate!!

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know…If you read the post earlier this week…I have been asked to guest blog over at The Liberal Journal. I’ve posted it…go check it out now. With this being tax week…I figured I would try to re-educate those libs regarding the sins that are taxes!

See ya!

BoBo Of The Week Award! Another terrorism denier!

Okay..this week’s award comes from Matthew Rothschild over at The Progressive magazine online. What a dweeb this guy is! Here’s the title of his post:

Bush Hypes Threat from Iran in Surge “Success” Speech

The basic premise of his discussion is that Iran is not a threat to the U.S. and that Bush is just trying to make a case for another “illegal” war. Seriously, do we have that many idiots in this country that truly do not believe that the holocaust denier Mockmood Ockmadinnerwhatever is not trying to bring on the destruction of Israel and the U.S. in order to lure that 12th Imam into existence? How many times does Owmywienerhurts have to say Death to Israel and America before it is understood that he really wants to do this? How many times does Askamoronagain have to say he is going to wipe Israel of the face of the earth before you understand he’s serious? How many times does Assesinthewind have to say they are refining uranium “for peaceful purposes” even though it is weapons-grade uranium before the loony left understands that Iran is truly a threat?

Here’s part of what he says in the opening paragraphs regarding Bush’s speech:

“Time and time again, he lumped the alleged threat from Iran in the same breadth as the one from Al Qaeda, once again fusing enemies in the minds of the American people.”

Okay…so…do you not think Iran is a threat? Personally, I think Iran is an even greater threat than Al Qaeda. But, hey, Rottenchild, if you libs get your way and we back off Iran, when you’re bawling your eyes out as that Iranian nuke is headed your way to that major city you live in and you’re on your knees calling on your God to save your ass…you just think about how proud you must be that you set Bush and the rest of us on the “right” in our places!

He also added some other blah blah blah about Bush and “sabre rattling.” Then, he goes and throws this stupid line in there:

“By “America will act,” Bush is making damn clear that he intends to go ahead and bomb Iran.”

Really? Bush specifically stated we would bomb Iran? Seriously, you guys on the left must be pretty deluged to think that any leader of any country would make an outright threat to bomb another country! Oh, wait…isn’t that what Assinmyhand says on a daily basis in regards to what he plans for Israel and the U.S.? Okay..but…how do you know this is what Bush intended? Considering we have the best checks-and-balance systems in the world, do you honestly believe that any President of the U.S. could seriously bomb a country without approval from Congress? You are such a genius!

Lastly, here’s how he finishes his discussion:

“We can keep telling ourselves that Bush wouldn’t be so foolish as to widen the war to Iran when the one in Iraq is going so badly. But foolishness has never stopped him before.”

(Really? The war in Iraq is going badly? Where are you getting your news from?)

“Regard his words.

They put not only Tehran on notice.

They put Congress and the American people on notice.

This man is planning on waging another illegal war, and we need to do all that we can, nonviolently, to stop him.”

And for this idiotic post…Mr. Rottenkid gets this week’s BoBo Award. I’ll let you know if he acknowledges it at all!

UPDATE – Well..never did hear back from Mr. Rottenkiddy. Guess he wasn’t too impressed! Oh well..there’s always next week!

The Wednesday What The Funk Is Up With That Rant!

Isn’t that just a typical white-boy headline? What the Funk is up! Get it..Funk! We typical white people like to say that kind of stuff! It’s makes us cool like that! My favorite cartoon as a kid was The Funky Phantom…Now that dude was WHITE!

Seriously, though. Did the ObaMessiah get another pass on a clearly racial slur? If Shillary had said that Michelle Obama was acting like a typical black you think she would have gotten a pass (even tho Mrs. Obama was acting like a typical black woman..doing the chicken-head bob, finger-waggin, “oh no you d’int”, arm waving thing when she blasted Billy Boy a few months back for his comments in South Carolina)? ObaMessiah has come out and said that his grandmother was acting like a typical white person because fear of blacks is bred in to her…and the media just passes over it. Jimmy The Greek says superior athletic and speed is bred into blacks and he’s fired. Why is the media not jumping all over this clearly racial slur? Does anyone now doubt that he has been influenced by the good Pastor White..sorry..Pastor Wright? I am one pissed off and offended typical white boy right now! Just another black guy getting a pass because of his color. He’s acting like a typical black guy now!

You know..I might be a typical white person..but, it wasn’t fear of black people that was “bred” into me! I was born and raised in the Military..U.S. Army as a matter of fact. Born in Tennessee. Then until I was 10 years old, we lived in Georgia and North Carolina. I had black neighbors who thought they lived on a freakin farm! We lived in a regular suburban military town neighborhood. But..they had chickens, pigs, goats, and a big black kettle in the back yard. I was 7 years old when I had my first chitlin, collard greens, fried pork skins, and had the shit scared out of me when I saw that damned pig’s head floating around in that boiling water in that black kettle! My brother and I had fun chasin’ them damned chickens around and catchin them..bringing them to our friends’ father..and being surprised as shit when he cut their heads off! Anyone else here have that experience and truly understands the meaning of “running around like a chicken with their head cut off?” That is a sight to see! When I was 10 we moved to Germany.

So..the point I’m getting at here is that…if it were bred into a typical white person to fear blacks…why the hell did I have so much fun with my black neighbors as a kid? Why did I hang out over at their house almost every day? Why is it that I never even knew what the word racism or prejudice were until I was almost 14 years old? My 3d grade teacher was black..I loved Mrs. Collinsworth! My 5th grade teacher in Germany was black! I loved Mrs. Williams! My 6th grade teacher was black! I absolutely adored Mr. Anthony! As a matter of fact, he was the most educated, most talented, most engaging teacher I have ever had to this day! I learned more from him in 6th graded than I learned from any other teacher. Not just school stuff..but every day life stuff! There are things I learned from him that I still pass on to my own kids…30 freakin years later! But..nope..I’m just a typical white person…I only learned from and loved these individuals because I feared them!

When I was in 8th grade and in Junior High School, I was playing basketball out in the school yard. I got into a fight with a black guy. You know what! It wasn’t racially motivated. It was two kids getting into a fight over a disagreement on the courts. I’m pretty sure I recall I got my assed kicked! Those black guys were born to fight! I think it’s bred into them.

As a typical white Irish know what is bred into me?

  • 1. I love to drink alcohol! Especially Irish Whiskey
  • 2. I love potatoes. Anything with potatoes in it. Potato soup, potato salad, potato mash, mashed potatoes, potato pot pie, french fries, hash name it! If its got a potato in it..I’m eatin it.
  • 3. I can never get a tan. Only a sunburn. My white skin blisters like a street hooker with a bad case of leprosy as soon as I step out of my door!
  • 4. I have enough freckles to keep all six of my kids busy playing connect-the-dots until they graduate high school.
  • 5. I can’t dance…unless it’s the Jig.
  • 6. I can’t sing…unless I’ve had a few pints in me.
  • 7. As I’m getting older, my nose is getting bigger and redder…looking a lot like Ted Kennedy!
  • 8. I’m not coordinated enough to play any sports at all…well…except for soccer.
  • 9. For some reason, I am attracted to plaid! Oh’s been bred into me.
  • 10. It’s my fault that blacks were enslaved over 200 years ago, even though my great grandfather moved over here straight from Ireland just before the turn of the century, well after slavery was abolished…but…its been bred in to me to accept that guilt.
  • Oh well..what’s a typical white boy to do? It’s that whole white guilt thing I guess. ObaMessiah gets a pass by every freakin liberal and the media in this country…and I have to feel guilty for being pissed off about it!

    Seriously…What the FUNK?