More Hillary Humor!

You gotta go check this out over at Simply Jews: Political. It’s a simple graphic..but oh so true!

When you’re done over there…check this out over at The Linden Row. It’s Hillary’s diary! Too Funny!

I wish I would have come up with it! Kudo’s to those evil elders!


Are you a Leftwing Whacko?

THIS IS NOT A PAID ENDORSEMENT! Usually, I would charge someone for this. However, considering how funny this thing is, I felt I needed to blog about it. I received an e-mail from Don Hagen. He is the author of THE SATIRICAL POLITICAL BELIEFS ASSESSMENT TEST. You gotta see this thing to believe it. It is a satirical look at today’s politics. You take the test and see whether you are an Archconservative, A Leftwing Whacko, An Antigovernment Libertine, or A Commie Sympathizer.

While you don’t actually have to fill out any blanks or color in any boxes, it is a list of questions with the answers that one of the above would give to that question. Here’s an example:

10: What techniques are best for maintaining discipline in the classroom?

CONS: If just one student misbehaves, severely punish the entire class.

LIBL: Force boys who refuse to settle down to take psychotropic drugs, such as Ritalin and Prozac.

LBRT: Anyone who doesn’t want to be in class can leave.

COMM: Anyone who doesn’t want to be in class can be made an example of.

I encourage everyone to check this out. Apparently he has been featured among some of the bigger blogs and political spokespersons.

Is this your kid?

This is just way too funny! Found this over at Slacker Heaven with the caption “Real Life Anime Character.” I just about spit the milk out my clown nose when I saw the picture with that caption. gotta check out this website..there’s always good stuff on it!

Seriously, though..if this was your kid..WTF are you thinking letting this tramp out of the house looking like this? I sure hope she was dressed up for a party or some kind of wierd school crazy days kinda function…cuz if she is dressed like this for real…lord help us all if this is the generation we’re gonna leave mother earth too!!

Only in California! Self Explanatory!

DUmmie FUnnies: Say it loud, say it proud: "Barack HUSSEIN Obama!" gotta check this one out! This guy is just too funny!

DUmmie FUnnies: Say it loud, say it proud: “Barack HUSSEIN Obama!”

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