The BoBo Files Go GREEN!

Yes! You all read that correctly! I’m tired of fighting and dealing with all these damned eco-terrorists and global warmongers…so, I’m giving up! I’m going GREEN! Here’s my new Eco-Friendly Conservative Clown Blogger GREEN LOGO!

I figured with all the SHIT that’s going on with these GREEN People, I may as well contribute with my own Clown Shit Logo! So, from this point forward, this Blog is going to be powered entirely on Clown Shit! Some shit might be brown. Some might be a whole host of rainbow colors! Regardless of the topic, just be it known, it is being brought to you through the miracle of all that is natural – Clown Shit!

Now, don’t get this confused with Brown Nosing! There still will be no shit on the BoBo Nose! The BoBo Nose will stay right where it belongs –Sniffin’ around the blogosphere huntin’ down the loony left! The only difference is that there’s going to be a whole lot of Clown Shit put in to each post now!

Party on Clowns!
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