There is no doubt in my mind now!

I had the opportunity to listen to Jeremiah Wright’s entire uncut version of his speech in which he says “God Damned America,” “America’s chickens have come home to roost,” and all of the other sound bites that we’ve heard over the past month or so. After hearing that entire sermon, there is no doubt in my mind that he hates this country and that he is a racist. After hearing that entire sermon, there is no doubt in my mind that Obama and his wife, Michelle, too are racist and hate this great country. I have provided that audio here for you to hear. It is nearly 40 minutes and is titled “Confusing God with Government.”

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I’m seriously considering joining The We Hate Indian Tribes, Eskimos, Mexicans, Asians, Negroes, Ragheads, Ukeys, Limpwrists, and Elephant-jockeys Society (The WHITE MAN RULES). After all, based on Reverend Wright’s sermon, we’re already part of it! This man preaches hate against the white man and the government from the pulpit every Sunday. I don’t see how this could be allowed in this country. There is no way that Obama and his family sat in the pews of this church for 20 years and not hear, or be affected, by any of this at all. After hearing this, it really does put into context Obama’s refusal to wear the American flag lapel pin, his refusal to say the pledge of allegiance, and Mrs. Obama’s statements about not being proud of this country.

After hearing this sermon, there is no way you can say that he only made these statements on this particular Sunday, and then preached love the next week! We don’t need a man in the highest level of public service that holds these views. These words might be coming from Reverend Wright’s mouth, but they were heard every week by Obama! His denunciation of the Reverend last week came 20 years too late. The damage is already done.


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